Explain the procedure of packing of column for effective separations?

Explain the procedure of packing of column for effective separations?

Packing of column is very important in column chromatography.Initially packing of column is done by introducing a slurry into a column.A continuous passage of the mobile phase or the solvent can aids

setting of the particles of the solvent.This is due to that mobile phase and particles if the solvent both choose that path which has minimum resistance. All of these process occur at that time when

Our column is loosely packed

Replenishing of mobile phase has to be done

Running of column in dry conditions

Process of formation of different channels is eliminated

What are the precautionary measures for the above given discussion?

In the start column must be re-slurried

Allow the column to settle again.

What kind of packing of column should be done can avoid the wastage of mobile phase?

Packing of column which is so tight can hinders the flow of mobile phase and causes the lot of pressure drop across the column.Effective packing of column is that which is same to the previously used column which is variable and difficult to reproduce again.


Recent researches on packing of column

Recently in certain studies of chromatographic techniques packing of column has been shown which is reproducible if the particles of column along the stationary phase is dryly packed

Packing of column can affect the resolution?what is your opinion about this statement

Packing of column and diameter can affect the resolution of chromatographic process.As distance between two zones is identical in the narrow and wide in the column.However in case of wide zone of column over lapping of different zones takes place and they appear emerging from the column.poorly packing of column can also lead to the same experimental observation.

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